Applied ethics

Bioethics. Business ethics. Moral psychology

Good samaritan behavior and failure-to-stop laws

You are driving to work when you come upon a two-car motor vehicle accident which has obviously just occurred. It appears that a number of people may be injured.

Rights of minors

An eight-year-old boy walks into the emergency department saying he was riding his bicycle home from school and fell on his wrist. He lives only two blocks away, and because his wrist hurts, he decided to stop by the emergency department to determine whether any treatment is needed.

When not to resuscitate

Seventy-year-old Morris Brook is brought into the emergency department by ambulance. His family explains that his breathing has been getting progressively worse over the past two days and that he has metastatic cancer of the prostate for which he has been receiving only palliative treatment.

Allocation of resources: social and political factors

Two patients in the emergency department require admission to the intensive care unit (ICU). At this time only one bed is open, so one of the patients must be transferred to another hospital.